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About Us

Back in 1986 In Sunny Southern California, four buddies who some years before went to high school together, met at a small neighborhood donut shop at the corner of Adams and Magnolia Ave. in Huntington Beach, California. This was the humble beginnings of what was to become "Donut Derelict", the largest and most well-known casual hot rod gathering in the world.

These four friends actually gathered to take their sons dirt bike riding. As time went on, the guys would show up in their hot rods and classic cars. Theo other guys in the area began to notice the couple of cars gathering, and as one thing led to another, the small group began to grow…6 cars, then 10, then 15 and so on.

One day after one of the neighborhood hot rodders had been drawing cartoons for "Street Rodder" magazine, he invited one of the editors to the donut shop gathering. The magazine editor was so taken by the group, he photographed one of the unique cars and wrote a small article for the magazine entitled "Hot Rodders Coffee Break". This set off an explosion! When the magazine hit the stands, 75 cars showed up to the small donut shop.

The "Donut Derelicts' came about as two of the guys, Jim McCain and Rick Finn were compiling a phone list…the name stuck!

Over 75 cars were showing up each and every Saturday. Their group began to include such names as Art Chrisman, drag racer from the 60's, Little John Butera, hot rod builder (formerly with Hot Rods by Boyd"), and Chip Foose, builder, artist and designer…the list goes on and on.

Each and every Saturday you can expect to see everything from "backyard rat rods" to "America's most beautiful roadster". Chrysler concept cars and new factory releases are but a few surprises.

Back about 1989 Rick Finn, world famous motor sports artist, was asked to create a T-Shirt to represent the group. After a quick idea was scribbled on a napkin, the first "Donut Derelicts" T-Shirt was born. At first there was no plan to follow up the initial T-shirt design, but the response was so overwhelming other soon followed. Many years have passed and dozens of T-shirts have been created, along with an ever-growing accessory line for hot rod related products.

Today you can cruise in to the "Donut Derelicts" and be amazed by the variety and quality of cars that drop by to join tin the most famous car gathering in the world. To this day about 20 articles have featured the Huntington Beach, California gathering.

Cruise by next Saturday…you will be amazed! HAPPY CRUISING